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Fontana Foothills Commerce Center

We are opposing a warehouse in this location, We want smart, progressive change and this warehouse misses the mark. Sierra Ave is not wide enough to support the right turns from trucks onto Jurupa than immediately right into the facility. There are residents within 40 feet of the building. A possible multi-tenant senior living center was going in adjacent and a Chaffee College facility will also be adjacent. This is a poor choice of location for this facility, we propose commercial small business space or mixed use apartment / small business in. this area.

Slover & Citrus Food Hall

Initiative to create an eatery with multiple restaurants within the same facility including indoor and outdoor seating

The corner of Citrus and Slover is a prime location for a Food Hall venue. Because of the proximity to the High School, Warehouses, and residents, it provides an ideal location to accommodate a food venue that can benefit the entire community. Currently, there is a warehouse being proposed at this location. The developer is threatening a gas station if they don’t get their way. We need to stand up to these tactics and show what the community wants.

We want a venue to goto after school, after work, and during lunch. We want somewhere with decent food and decent prices. The community is proliforated with warehouses that have nowhere to eat at lunch, residents who have nowhere to eat for dinner, and no real venues to goto and enjoy. We dont want to leave our community to get food. Join us in this battle and let your voice be heard.

Slover Ave. Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Slover ave. to include retail, commercial, and dining available to the residents of South Fontana​


Slover Ave. has the potential to become more than warehouses. We are voicing our idea to turn Slover Ave. between Citrus and Sierra into a commercially zoned property for use as retail and small business applications. This is important for us to be able to meet the city requirements set forth by the General Plan. We need areas to meet, as well as safe places for kids to play indoors.

We are asking for this area to be reconsidered from I-L to C-2 so we can provide essentially required services such as more grocery stores, food and dining options, small business opportunities, and other services.

We will be updating with our first mock-up shortly

Stop Harmful Warehouses - Sign the Petition

A petition to utilize the remaining non-industrial land in South Fontana for the benefit of the community and its residents


Having made repeated attempts at voicing our concerns to our city leadership, the little available land we have left for commercial development continues to be rezoned as industrial and developed as such. We cite the many concerns of our residents: environmental impact safety of ourselves and our families,road degradation by increased traffic, decreased desire of commercial and retail investors to develop desired amenities in our community, stagnated and in some cases decreased property values in areas with heavy industrial concentration.

South Fontana Sports Park

Updates on the current status of the South Fontana Sports Park located at Juniper and Santa Ana

We want the sports park design committee to allow open and free flowing comments about the use and design of the park. We seek open discussion and community input. We want the opportunity for a true redesign taking true community input in to account. We need more parks, and we want all parks to become more streamlined, have easier access to the community areas, safety from truck traffic and assurance that the residents of the nearby communities are not adversely affected.


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